Because it is more than just a lifestyle



Can’t bring my pet? Talk to my paw!

Express your mood loudly with Flopster.

LoudMood x Meetpetlovers have come together to create this unique piece! Designed specially for the Flopsters. This new t-Shirt has been handcrafted in the UAE

Available for Flopsters and made to order on Etsy


Letswork and Flopster join up forces to bring you a super pet-friendly experience. An innovative collaboration to bring you a list of the Pet-loving businesses welcoming you and your pup for work away from home options with your fur babies! Watch this!


We are running a programme of various Flopster events including: watersport activities and and summer camp pawties.



Ocean, wadis and beach cleanups outdoors activities under the Flopster programme: Take A PAWS and Help the Planet.



Flopster Nights will be a chance for Pet Lovers to meet and have a fun time with Dubai’s dog community.