About Us


“A passion for animals since a young age. I enjoy spending my free time doing stuff for them.My dog is called Sammy. My business is called Flopster.”

Laetitia Guidicelli – Founder and Chief Pet Lover


“Enjoy the little things in life, one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things”

Meet Pet Lovers™

Flopster, an app that grows a pet loving community in the UAE, connecting the users with pet-friendly establishments and activities around them.


Volunteering at animal shelters

  • Eye opening time. Laetitia first moved to the UAE in 2012 from France. Coming from a very pet-friendly country, she was looking for places to go and be around nature and animals as she was missing having a pet of her own.
  • This is when she decided to spend her free time volunteering at rescue animal centres to get that animal connection she was missing. She ended up fostering her first dog, Floppy.
  • By continuing her volunteer work at the rescue centres, she was told by most visitors that they didn’t think the UAE was a pet-friendly country and that it was challenging to find public places where pets were allowed.
  • She soon realised that there was a huge pet lover community in the UAE but that they were not connected or didn't know what the UAE had to offer for them and the pets. This is when she decided to take on the challenge to help build and bring this community together: the Flopsters.
  • The UAE is full of pet lovers who don’t necessary own a pet but who would love to spend time with them and help their local community. A huge audience who isn’t properly connected yet!
  • Flopster is the first app of its kind in the UAE.